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Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Celebrating You

I am running a little behind with today’s post.  Today is not Wednesday.  It’s Thursday.  I got a little swamped yesterday.

“This book is for you.  For your kind heart, your dazzling spirit, your generosity, your laugh, your glow.  It’s a celebration of the person you are and the person you’re working to become.  Because you’re beautiful inside and out.  Because you’re worth celebrating.” –  M.H. Clark

I love celebrations.  Nothing like a fun party to make me really happy.  I recently celebrated my birthday.  I went out to breakfast with friends (twice), dinner with the family and out to dinner with my husband.  I love having many people in my life who help celebrate the day I was born.

One of my friends gave me a small book as a gift for my birthday.  The book is today’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom choice.  It’s called Celebrating YouCelebrating You, written my M.H. Clark, is a small book filled with simple quotes celebrating things that make us unique and beautiful.

The text is simple yet moving.  The sweet illustrations are a wonderful compliment to the text.  Each page has a phrase that describes qualities of the person reading the book.  Here are some of my favorite quotes.

You have a radiance that’s all your own.

You have an inner joy that spills out.

You’re loved for everything your are and all that you’re becoming.

You are an inspiration.

After I finished all 64 pages I read the book again.  It’s very uplifting to read such wonderful things about yourself.  Although the book was not written for me in particular, it was given to be by someone who felt the words and phrases described me.  The book a perfect gift for a favorite person in your life.  When someone receives the book they will know how highly you think of them.

Celebrating You is a simple book that does an excellent job of making the reader feel very special.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

Thank you to my sweet friend, Colleen for the book.

Happy Reading!


Guest Writer – Dad English Teacher

Today, you are in for a treat.  I have asked my blogger friend Larry, at Me Myself and Kids to be my  guest writer.  He is a gifted writer, father of two young boys and high school English teacher.  When Larry recently asked me to write a post for his blog, I was a bit intimidated.  I felt like I was back to high school writing a paper for English class.  However, he was a good sport and only made a few minor corrections.  Whew.

With school just around the corner (thank GOD), I asked Larry to write from the perspective of being a teacher.  Today’s post is explains what it is like to be a parent/teacher and how he often brings his work as a teacher home to his boys.   Enjoy and for more of Larry’s work, please check out Me Myself and Kids. 

Dad English Teacher

“How did the setting contribute to the story? Sure the setting looked nice and was glamorous, but I don’t see how it added to the story in the least. You can have a marital conflict anywhere?”

My wife and I had just finished watching the movie Descendants. Everybody talks after a movie – some do during the movie (including me), but that’s another story. The actor/tress was great, I love the scene when …, that character was hilarious. However, I talk about conflict, symbolism, and plot development. After all, I am an English teacher.

My wife and I have been reading with the boys since they were born. Well, maybe we waited till they got home from the hospital. I don’t just read to the children or now listen to them read. I question them.

Why do you think the boy looks sad?

What does exhausted mean?

How would you feel if you were the character?

What do you see in the picture?

Reading with dad english teacher is a chance to teach a lesson.

We were packing up in order to go to the local pool/beach recently. Shovels, boogie boards, noodles, snack. Check, check, check, check.There was one more thing we needed.

“Just bring a book.”

“I don’t want to bring a book.”

“I want you to bring one.”

“Fine. I’ll bring one.”

No, I didn’t expect the boys to get out of the pool, so they could read just a few more pages.  I want to instill in them the believe that they should always carry a book. You never know when you will have some spare time. So, why not have a book? Read, feed your brain, learn, and grow.  Yes, my students, I mean children, this is what dad english teacher wants for you.

“Did he just say that word?”

“I think he did.”

“How does he know that word?”

“SY (5.5 year old) how do you know that word?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you read it somewhere?”

“Stop asking me!”

Despite my displeasure with his tone, I hug him tight. Good vocabulary makes me happy. I am dad english teacher you know.

Common grammar mistakes make me cringe.  I correct. I know I can be annoying when I do this. I try to hold back, but my brain shouts out “That is wrong. Make it right!” I’ve gotten many an annoyed look upon correction.  It’s worth it. My children, on the other hand, are willing learners and when they use proper grammar… well, let’s just say that’s one of my simple pleasures.

As we walk in from a long day, BR announces,

“SY and I are going downstairs.” As they go downstairs, he adds to his little brother, “No were neither watching Thomas nor playing with Lego.” He put the other person first and used neither nor. How beautiful is that?  I have to give him a high-five.  It bring a smile to dad english teacher.

Yes, I bring the job home. I get excited over weird things. Literary elements, reading, and grammar make me happy.  Odd. I can accept that. In my defense, I am an english teacher.


Simple Minded

A while ago, I received a compliment about my blog.  It was from fellow blogger Melissa, from her blog The Mostyn-Thomas Journal.  She nominated me for the Reader Appreciation award.  I am not bringing this nomination up to brag, but explain something about myself.

I was very happy to have been nominated for the award, but when I  read my compliment there was a problem.  Here is what Melissa had to say.

Insanity of Motherhood – a succinct and wickedly funny blog that casts a look at life’s little irks through the eyes of a 40-something mother barely keeping her composure throughout.

Nice huh?  You say that because you know what the word succinct means right?  Well, I did not know when it meant when I  first read the statement.  I had to look up the word, succinct.  For those who do not know what succinct means, here is the definition.

Succinct –  Briefly and clearly expressed

This has happened to me before.  It happens to me all the time.  Someone says a word and I do not know the meaning.

Melissa accurately defined my blog by saying it was succinct.  I do keep things concise and to the point.  The reason I do that is because I am a woman of few written words.  My writing vocabulary is limited.  My fear of misusing more complex words and misspelling, leads me to use a simple fifth grade vocabulary when writing.   That and when I read my first blogging book it recommended the less words the better.

As a child, I was never the kid who sat for hours at a time reading books during the summer.  I was always out busy doing things.  The same is true for me now.  I read a bit more than I used to, but I suspect I have ADD and sitting for long periods of time is hard for me.  The more you read, the greater your vocabulary becomes.  Especially, your writing vocabulary.

My fellow bloggers are published authors, poets and accomplished professional writers.  Often, they write words I do not know.  When I read their postings, I feel insecure about the fact my blog is so simple.  I am often stunned when I find out someone with amazing writing abilities is reading my blog.  I am glad Melissa thinks I write succinct because I am trying to limit words, instead of the truth.  The truth is I do not know very many words.

It is a great mystery how a simple girl like me is writing a blog and people are reading.  I come from a family of great intellects, ferocious readers and amazing writers.  However, I am the one who has a blog.  Who would have thought?

Maybe when the boys are back to school this fall, I will make a point of increasing my vocabulary.  I will kick in my library card and read all day.

If I read all day, I guess that means I would have to sit down right?

Okay, maybe I better just stick to what I know.  Not everyone can be the great intellect.  Someone has to be the simple gal everyone can relate to.


Brief Intermission

A conversation between a wife and a husband.

“Sweetie, are you okay?  Why are you still laying in bed?”-Husband

“I’m fine.  I am just reading a book.” – Wife

“Are you still reading Fifty Shades of Grey?” – Husband

“No.  Now I am reading Fifty Shades of Darker.  There are three books in the series.  Things get too crazy during the day to read and at night I am too tired.  So early morning reading it is.” – Wife

“What about your blog?  You always write your blog in the morning.” – Husband

“Oh, my blog.  Well, I guess I will have to take a brief intermission from writing the blog.  A girl has to have priorities.” – Wife

“I’ve always liked the way you prioritize things.” – Husband (wink and a smile)


Fifty Shades of Red

A conversation between a mother and a teenage son.

“Hey, Mom.  What are you reading?” – Old Boy

“Um, nothing.” – Mom

“What do you mean, nothing?  What is that then?  Isn’t that a book?” – Old Boy

“Yes…it is a book, but…um…I do not want to talk about it.” – Mom

“What is the book called?”- Old Boy

“Geez.  Fifty Shades of Grey…okay?” – Mom

“What is it about?” – Old Boy

“It’s one of those women romance novels.” – Mom

“What is the big deal about the book?  Why did you hide it when I walked into the room?” – Old Boy

“Oh God…the book has a lot of sex in it, okay?  I do not really want to talk about it with my teenage son.” – Mom

You are reading a book about sex?” – Old Boy

“Don’t sound so shocked.  How do you think you were created?  I hate to tell you, but storks do not bring babies.” – Mom

“Calm down, Mom.  I think I better leave you alone.” – Old Boy

“Good idea.” – Mom

Vintage Romance Novels