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Color my World

“When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color.” –  Billy Baldwin

Things are moving along with the new home.  We have about half of our boxes in the garage cleared out.  Our current project is painting.  Because of the extensive work done on the ceilings, the entire interior and exterior of our home needs to be painted.
My husband is a wonderful house painter.  He has volunteered to do all the painting.  My job is to select the colors for each room.  I love color.  I like rich, bold, bright colors.  You may recall, one of my favorite things in my little house was the red wall painted in the living room.
Choosing colors to decorate is personal.  No two people have the same idea when in comes to colors.  I’ll admit, my choices in home decorating colors are not for everyone.  A perfect example is the color I have chosen for my new living room.
When we moved in our new home the entire home was painted cream.  All the rooms, doors and closets were the same color.  I knew adding colors would make the home feel more like my own.
I made the color choice for my living room after talking it over my husband.  Many colors were discussed, including my earlier color red.  But in the new home I wanted to try something new and very different.  I just did not realize how different my paint color choice would be.
On New Year’s Eve my husband and I threw a last-minute party.  Prior to the party, my husband agreed to paint the one living room wall.
As you can see, the color was orange.  I can hear you gasp.  Let me tell you, when my husband put about five stokes of this color on my neutral wall I gasped too.  The color resembled a bright tangerine.  Shocking is putting it mildly.
I love orange.  Love, love, love it.  I do not have orange clothing, but I do have orange towels, picture frames and artwork.  Orange is a color that makes me very happy.  But this amount and intensity of orange, did not make me happy.
My husband finished painting the wall and hour before the guests arrived.  I was ill.  The color was too much.  I thought for a moment to cancel the party, but then I seemed silly.  Canceling a party because of an error in paint choice?  The guests arrived and I cringed as I greeted each person hello.  As I opened the door, the first thing they saw was my orange wall.
All night long people discussed the orange paint.  Some people loved it.  Others remained neutral.  And still others expressed their strong dislike for the color.  Who knew a paint color would provoke such a reaction?
As the quests left my home, I took a long look at the orange wall.  Was it really that bad?  I kept the paint color for the entire next day.  I tried to imagine my life living with such a strong color.
Finally, yesterday, I had enough.  I told my husband I could not take it anymore.  I wanted to get rid of the tangerine wall as soon as possible.  So off my husband went to purchase a new paint color.  I still love orange, but learned some shades of orange are powerful, very powerful.  I decided to keep the orange for the wall, but toned it down with a lot more yellow.
The results are still a vibrant color, but does not make me cover my eyes when I walk by.  Most of you would never chose such a bright color and a few years ago, neither would I.  But I am different now.  I am brave enough to handle a lot of color.  I can take the powerful emotions a bright color evokes.
I have often wondered why orange has become my favorite color.  I found something on a website, discussing decorating colors, that may explain.
Shades of Orange

A space filled with shades of orange exudes vitality and cheer. The people who decorate rooms with orange hues tend to be outgoing, social and easy to be with, even if they do like to be the center of attention.

Well, that pretty much says it all, right?