Insanity of Motherhood

Motherhood, marriage, and midlife.



A conversation between a husband and a wife.

“Sweetie, do you ever feel like something is between us?” – Wife

Yeah, sometimes.  But luckily it’s something small and I don’t feel it all the time.  Usually only at night.” – Husband

“Should we be worried?  I mean, what if this “something” never leaves?  Won’t it affect our relationship?” – Wife

“There’s no reason to worry.  It won’t be this way forever.  As a matter of fact someday we may actually miss it.” – Husband

“It hurts sometimes and keeps me up at night.  I miss being closer to you.” – Wife

“I miss you too.  The situation is only temporary.  Only a little while longer.” – Husband

“I suppose you’re right.  I won’t worry anymore.” – Wife




Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

4 thoughts on “Between

  1. Love…love…love…. as my youngest, who always shared sleep with us, is approaching the time he will leave to go on to new things I am acutely aware of how quickly these times pass. It seems like forever when you are in it…in retrospect it seems like a blip…the quickest of moments and then the time is gone….

    Last night, my nearly 17 year old boy was unexpectedly, and surprisingly, ill in the middle of the night…( I should have taken more note when he said he didn’t feel good after our dinner…) He came to me at 4:30 a.m. abashed that he had gotten sick. I got up with him, tidied it all up, grabbed an extra pillow and blanket and crawled into bed with him. “MOM”, he said, ” I am going to be okay… I really feel better.” I told him while that was awesome… I wouldn’t sleep not knowing if he was safe, explaining that getting sick while you sleep is super dangerous. ( I am sure he would have been alright had he slept without a watcher..but this was my discomfort.)

    My muscular, brawny, nearly 17 year old, held my hand, cuddled me up, thanked me, and quickly dropped off to sleep. This may have been my last time sleeping by his side… I will never know. ( we never really do capture those last moments do we…?) but I watched him while he slept , ( instead of sleeping- silly me) and I was so grateful, and happy for all those moments we shared…for all the times I was “there”…I watched him breathe, I felt the skin on his forehead and I wondered at this awesome child of mine. At the same time… I wished there were more times that I was “there”…present, in the moment, however inconvenient, however sleepy, however…”whatever”… Maybe that is why so many of us are awesome grandparents? …we know how fleeting it all is.

    • A beautiful story, Lise. With two big teenagers in the home I am very aware of how quickly the time goes when it come to children. Little Boy is such a joyful gift to both my husband and I that we don’t complain too much when he arrives in our bed. The morning snuggle time make up for the knees and elbows in our back all night.

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