Insanity of Motherhood

Motherhood, marriage, and midlife.




A conversation between a wife and a husband.

Husband and wife sit together by computer.  Wife looks at computer screen and then looks at husband.

Wow.  That was a lot of work.  Creating a budget for my new job was harder than I thought it would be.  The spreadsheets look amazing.  Thank you, Sweetie.” – Wife

No need to thank me.  It’s the least I can do after all the sacrifices you’ve made to support me in my career and to care for the boys.  You spent a lot of years putting us first and now it’s our turn to help you out.” – Husband

“Wow.  That was a really sweet thing to say.” – Wife (wiping tears from her eyes)

Wife smiles at husband gives him a hug.

“It’s all about love, Baby.  It’s all about love.” – Husband


Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

12 thoughts on “Love

  1. How sweet of your hubby to help you out! We are all about making life easier and better for one another.

  2. now THAT is a husband that truly appreciates what you have done. He is a keeper

  3. love it – I was worried about you – your last post about writing sounded like you were done – keep writing (and sharing)… I need to make sure my computer interactions with my wife are like this – thanks for the reminder!

    • Right now I am swamped with trying to set up a new program for work and taking care of the boys. Hopefully in a few weeks things will settle down and I will be back to writing. Thank you for reading, Clay. 🙂

  4. So happy for you, Nate. 🙂

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