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Discover What You Want From Life


Yesterday I shared with you a suggestion a friend of mine gave to help me in my search for a new career.  You can check that blog out here.  Today I would like to share with you information that another friend gave to me about finding out what things you would like to do with your life.

Last week I had the opportunity to have lunch with a dear friend.  She is Old Boy’s former teacher and someone I admire very much.  She and I both volunteer at Little Boy’s school on the same day so we made plans after we both were finished for the day.

My friend is older than me and very wise.  I enjoy our talks when we get together.  She is someone who has had many life experiences and I appreciate her sharing what she has learned.  My friend follows my blog and has read it since it’s beginning.  She has thanked me several times for information I have posted on the blog and especially likes the book and website referrals.

One referral she enjoys is a wonderful blog called Chookoolinks, by Karen Walrond.  I did a book recommendation for Beauty of Different on a Wednesday Words of Wisdom post a while back.  My friend enjoys Karen’s blog and so do I.  She mentioned a course she was taking referred to her by the Chookoolinks blog.

We had a great conversation over lunch and later that day my friend sent me an email to saying how much she enjoyed our time together.  She also sent information from the blog Chookoolinks and thought I would find it interesting.  The blog post was called Finding Your Voice.  The blog’s author provides tips for creating a life that reflects your authentic self.  She describes steps to take to discover who you are and celebrate all that is unique about you.

Finding Your Voice gives great suggestions like stop comparing, practice seeing, name what lights you up (similar to the list I made yesterday), but the two things I liked most about her suggestions were to make a life list and journaling.  After reading the blog post I decided these two suggestions would be the most helpful in making things happen in my life.  I have written journals before and know they are helpful in sorting through ideas and feelings.  The life list is the creation of Maggie Mason and is basically a list of things one would like to do before they die.

I love the idea of a life list.  It’s a wonderful exercise to get thinking of what things I would like to experience for the second half of my life.  I may not be able to accomplish everything, but it’s fun to think about.

I decided to create my life list and share it with you.  The list must contain 100 things you would like to do before you die.

  1. Ride in a blimp.
  2. Travel to Chile.
  3. Touch an iceberg.
  4. Make a perfect pie crust.
  5. Take the boys to Ireland.
  6. Ride in a semi-trailer truck.
  7. Write a screenplay.
  8. Visit Boston.
  9. Re-learn cursive writing.
  10. Read one Harry Potter book.
  11. Host a talk show.
  12. Eat mussels in France.
  13. Learn sign language.
  14. Meditate for more than twenty minutes.
  15. Become a grandmother.
  16. Skydive.
  17. Take a comedy writing class.
  18. Swim with fish in the Great Barrier Reef.
  19. Get eyelash extensions.
  20. See Bette Midler in concert.
  21. Host a family reunion.
  22. Color my hair blond.
  23. Wear a leather mini-skirt.
  24. Visit India.
  25. Attend the Oscars.
  26. Renew my wedding vows in Hawaii.
  27. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  28. Snow ski.
  29. Buy very expensive dress shoes.
  30. See the Grand Canyon.
  31. Work on a movie set.
  32. Fly on a trapeze.
  33. Live overseas for five years.
  34. Attend a fashion show in New York.
  35. Learn to make ceramic bowls.
  36. Visit Scandinavia.
  37. Ride a zipline.
  38. Go on a cruise.
  39. Learn to make tamales.
  40. Hire a professional makeup artist.
  41. Take swimming lessons.
  42. Teach parenting classes.
  43. Work for the Peace Corps.
  44. Donate my home to a family in need.
  45. Meet Maya Angelou.
  46. Open a home for troubled teenage girls.
  47. Scrapbook baby books for all three of my boys.
  48. Go to a Superbowl.
  49. Go to the Olympics.
  50. Take a photography class.
  51. Write an article for a magazine.
  52. Buy a motor home.
  53. Eat a hamburger in all fifty of the United States.
  54. Make perfect poached eggs.
  55. Master the Diablo.
  56. Hike in Yosemite.
  57. Kayak in the ocean.
  58. Get a fake spray tan.
  59. Play the tambourine in New Orléans.
  60. Read a book my brother or sisters wrote.
  61. Find a long-lost friend.
  62. Wear diamond earrings.
  63. Become a puppeteer.
  64. Be a guest on the Tonight Show.
  65. Visit the Smithsonian.
  66. Fly in a helicopter.
  67. Paint my toenails yellow.
  68. Ride a train across Canada.
  69. Wear cowboy boots.
  70. Own a cowboy hat.
  71. Spend a night on a yacht.
  72. Learn to Rollerblade backwards.
  73. Read an entire novel in one day.
  74. Show my boys how to play Chinese jump rope.
  75. Go out to dinner every day for a month.
  76. Learn to play poker.
  77. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  78. Get paid for making people laugh.
  79. Hire a gourmet chef.
  80. Host a prom-do-over party.
  81. Tour a brewery.
  82. Learn to tap dance.
  83. Take a ballroom dance class with my husband.
  84. Write 500 blog posts.
  85. Volunteer for the Red Cross
  86. Wear my hair in a up do.
  87. Learn all the words to ‘Busta Move’ and make a video singing the song.
  88. See Sweeney Todd on Broadway.
  89. Do motivational speaking.
  90. Attend an opera at the Sydney Opera House
  91. Try a Zumba class.
  92. Roast a prime rib.
  93. Peel an entire apple in one long curl.
  94. Re-learn a back walkover.
  95. Do 20 full body push ups in a row.
  96. Fly in a biplane.
  97. Drink a dirty martini.
  98. Sleep on a tropical beach.
  99. Watch one of my grandchildren be born.
  100. Celebrate my fifty year wedding anniversary.

Whew.  Writing the list is harder than it looks.  After about number 48 I started to run out of ideas.  I made a copy of this and posted it in my bedroom.  I plan to cross off the things I get done this year.

Creating this life list made me realize how much more living I have to do.  It isn’t about doing everything on the list, but discovering more about the world I am already in and making the most of it.  Who knows?  Maybe one of these items on the list will lead to a new career path.

I’m hopeful.  If not, I sure will make a lot of discoveries along the way.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

6 thoughts on “Discover What You Want From Life

  1. I love the idea of the list!!It gives you motivation to get things going & have meaningful purposes in life!!

  2. there is no way I could come up with 100 things. I loved your list. And I bet you do them. Let me know when you want a CT burger 🙂

  3. I admire you for taking on this list. If I didn’t suffer from listphobia, I would replicate your list. Beautiful goals!

    Shanna /

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