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Motherhood, marriage, and midlife.

What is That?


A conversation between a husband and a wife.

Wife is in bathroom brushing her teeth.  Wife looks down and notices something.  Wife calls to husband.

“Honey, will you come here please?” – Wife

“Just a minute.” – Husband

Husband enters into bathroom.  Wife finishes brushing her teeth.

“Do you see that?” – Wife

Wife points to object lying in the sink.

“What is that?” – Wife

Husband looks closely at object.

That looks like a hair.” – Husband

“I know it is a hair, but what kind of hair is it?” – Wife

Husband looks at hair closer.

It looks like a pubic hair.” – Husband

“What is a pubic hair doing in MY bathroom sink?  Is it yours?” – Wife

“No, it’s not mine.  And I thought we shared the bathroom.  I didn’t realize it was your bathroom.” – Husband

“Why is there pubic hair in the bathroom sink?  Whose is it?” – Wife

“Maybe it is yours.” – Husband

What?  No, it’s not mine.  I would know if it was mine.  Besides how would I get pubic hair in the sink?” – Wife

“Well, maybe it is one of the boys.  Not the little guy of course.  Did you notice anything else in the bathroom when you came in?” – Husband

“What do you mean, anything else?  Like what?” – Wife

“I don’t know scissors or crunchy towels?” – Husband

“Scissors?  Crunchy towels?  Why would those things be in the bathroom?” – Wife

Husband raises eyebrows.

Scissors for hair trimming and crunchy towels for…” – Husband

“What the…no, you did not just say that.  Don’t say that.  God, no.  There were no scissors or crunchy towels.” – Wife

Wife grabs small piece of toilet paper.  Wife wipes up hair and tosses it into the trash.

“This is your fault you know.  It’s the sperm that determines the sex of the child.  I have three boys because your sperm thought I was meant to be a mother of boys.  Well, I’m not cut out for this crap.  Do not ever bring up ‘crunchy towels’ again.” – Wife

Wife walks out of bathroom.

Honey, I’m sorry.  I was just trying to explain what may have happened.  Honey?” – Husband.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

19 thoughts on “What is That?

  1. My husband and I made a deal when I was regnant with our oldest… I change all the poopy diapers if he deals with all of THIS stuff. I think I’m going to be making out well with that deal.

  2. oh my Goodness this so so freaking funny. haaaaa scrunchy towels. haaa Good luck.. and now I will go sigh in relief that I have two girls

  3. 7 grandsons. Lord help us.

  4. Oh. Oh god. Maybe I can send my son off to boarding school or something when he hits puberty? I’d rather shave my legs with a rusty cheese grater than pick up my son’s crunchy towel.

  5. i don’t what to say, but this is no safe place to be a man…. funny post regardlesss….

  6. OMG – I’m so not looking forward to that time with my son!

  7. Hahaha! I totally needed that laugh. How mortifying though, eek!

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