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Another Blog


So I think I may need another blog.  Yup.  That is what I think.  I have a lot of things I would like to talk about, but frankly I need to be anonymous.  I do not want my friends, family or even my current blogging friends to read my new blog.

I realized this does not sound nice, but when I write on Insanity of Motherhood I am aware of my audience.  I publish my postings on Facebook.  I have written many personal things about my life, but I would like to go a little further.  Express my concerns more.  Get less silly and more serious.

To be honest, I do not think people will want to read my new blog.  People like humor.  They like to keep things light.  I do too.  However, no one is funny all the time.  Life is not all about being silly.  Some things are serious.

Most postings would be of personal nature.  I guess it would seem more like a journal of my thoughts.  When I try to express myself to people verbally, I find myself editing words so I will not offend the other person.  I work hard to appear non-judgemental.  I value the people in my life and do not want to say things to alienate or hurt them.

The problem is I do not always feel the way I speak.  I get frustrated not being able to express how I really feel about situations.  If I had an anonymous blog, I could express myself without fear.   Fear of offending someone I love.

So that is what I am thinking.  I do not know if it will happen, but I am giving it some thought.

Yup, another blog.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

17 thoughts on “Another Blog

  1. ahh see..anonymous is very freeing. But it makes me sad because i like your thoughts..funny and serious(post on your boy reading)
    write on either way…

  2. It’s a double edged sword, this blogging thing. You want readers, or you want them to see one post, so you tell your friends about it and then before you know it you’re feeling weird about everything you write. 🙂 Anonymity is a beautiful thing sometimes.

    • Love this comment. It is true. I am so happy to hear people are reading my blog. However, I only write about a small portion of my life. I have so much more to share. Being anonymous may be the way to go. Not mean spirited, just more open.

  3. I dont think you have to always be light, humorous, and comedic. Yes, you have to be aware of your audience and certain topics may be inappropriate. I definitely hold back in certain ways as well. However, in general, I believe you should trust your audience and take them off on detours occasionally when your muse takes you. Just keep up the quality.
    Good luck!

  4. You have a beautiful voice. I love reading your blogs and will continue to read them whether they are serious or silly. It’s important to have both of that in your life. I don’t think you would loose readers if you wrote what you were really thinking; it humanizes you to your readers. I can understand wanting to be anonymous, but there is strength in speaking your mind, and you are a strong woman!

    • Thank you Chelsea. I do not feel the need to be serious all the time. I have written about several painful and difficult topics, but at times I filter how angry or disappointed I am. It is out of respect for the people I care about. I think it is called being a grown up. 😉

  5. Well I’m 100% new to your blog, so I’m not sure if my opinion counts, but if you want to feel totally free to write what you want, then do it! Some people like to read with things they can connect with, even if it’s not always witty.

  6. I think you should occasionally throw in something serious. But if you want to write anonymously, it might free up your thoughts more.

  7. I too have been feeling this way. My whole family reads my blog daily and sometimes I just need to vent… about them. I started my blog for therapy, being able to write to get things out and get rid of the anxiety. Now I watch what I say and sometimes I sugar coat things. Hmmm… you have given me things to ponder!

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