Insanity of Motherhood

Motherhood, marriage, and midlife.

So Sorry


A conversation between a mother, two teenage boys and a little boy.

“Hey, Mom.  We are all going to play the game, Sorry.  Do you want to play?” – Tall Boy”

“No thanks.” – Mom

“What do you mean no?  How can you not want to play a game with us?” – Old Boy

“Well, all of you are sore losers and sore winners.  You all whine if you are losing, have trouble waiting for your turn, fight over the rules, and cheat any opportunity you can.” – Mom

“That is not true.” – Old Boy

“Not me.” – Tall Boy

“Not me,” – Little Boy

“Uh huh.  Well, I will play one game of Sorry with all of you.  If I see any trouble, I am done.  Do you understand?” – Mom

“Okay.  Don’t worry Mom.  We just want to have fun.  Okay, I will set up the game.  Now, I will be blue.  Now, what color do you guys want to be? – Old Boy

“What?  I want to be blue.  You always pick first.  How about I get first choice this time?” – Tall Boy

“I want to be the blue guys.” – Little Boy

“I do not always pick first.  You liar.  I was the one who suggested we play the game.  What is the big deal?  There are other colors.  Why don’t you pick yellow?” – Old Boy

“Why don’t you pick yellow if it is not a big deal?  I like blue.”- Tall Boy

“I want blue.  I am going to be the blue guys or I am not playing.”- Little Boy

“Fine, fine.  You guys be blue and I will be red.  Now move.  I am sitting there.” – Old Boy

“I was here first.  I am not moving.  You can sit your butt right over there.” – Tall Boy

“You said butt.  Mom, he said butt.” – Little Boy

“You jerk.  Do not tell me where to sit.  Move your big butt.” – Old Boy

“You said butt too.  Mom, he said butt too.” – Little Boy

Mother begins to walk away.

“Mom, where are you going?  I thought we were going to play the game.” – Old Boy

“No.  So sorry.” – Mom


Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

5 thoughts on “So Sorry

  1. Come on now…. they were only just getting started! You wimped out way too soon! 😉

  2. One of your funniest. Maybe because it’s so close to home. I’d’ve wimped out too–slowly, ever so slowly backing away :o)

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