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Mr. Grey and the Middle Aged Woman


Whew.  I am back to the world of blogging.  Slowly recovering from my whirlwind trip to my 30th high school reunion.  While I was on the long plane ride, I was able to finish the last installment of the  Fifty Shade of Grey series by E.L. James.

Every mom blogger has something to say about the  Fifty Shades of Grey books.  So do I.  Be forewarned.  This blog may be a PG-13 rated.  No R stuff, but still if you do not like sex or talking about sex I would recommend you go back to reading your emails.

Okay.  So I finished the last book yesterday.  Hmm…where to begin.  I assume everyone knows the books are romance-styled novels about an innocent young woman (Anastasia Steele) and mixed up young man (Christian Grey).  The books also are extremely descriptive of the sexual relationship between the woman and the man.  So descriptive in fact, that there is nothing left to the imagination.  Each detail of their sexual encounters clearly told, so the reader can relive the experience themselves.

The sexual content is why the books are popular.  Not only is the sex clearly described,  it involves non-traditional sex from the world of S &M.  If you are not familiar with the latest S & M techniques, the book series will educate you.  As a matter of fact, I learned a few new things myself.  Some of the equipment used by the couple were not known to me.  Thank goodness for the internet because not only did I find out what the various equipment was used for, but what they looked like.

Upon reading the couples first sexual encounter, I’ll admit I was a bit shocked.  Such detail and the fact they engage in things that are well…different.  The books are called, ‘Mommy Porn’ because so many mothers are reading them.  There are no moms having sex in the books.  The main characters are young, beautiful, educated and wealthy.

When I finished reading the first book I spoke to my friends about it.  I made mention of how I wished the main character was a woman in her 40’s like me.  Well, actually I am in my late 40’s, but you get the idea.  They both laughed.  They told me no one wanted to read about middle-aged women having sex.  Apparently, saggy boobs and wrinkles are not as sexually attractive.

However, my friend’s comments got me thinking.  Why shouldn’t we read books, sexual books about middle age woman?  I mean,  middle age is not old.  Most of the middle-aged women I know have sex .  What would have happened to the series if Mr. Grey had sex with a woman in her 40’s, instead of the girl of 22?  Would the series still be as popular?

I would like to think so.  At my recent high school reunion, there were a lot of hot looking women all in their late forties.  They were fit, intelligent and willing.  Would it be so bad if someone my age starred in a racy novel?  I do not think it would be bad at all.  I think it would be great.

I had trouble at times identifying with the young main character, Anastasia.  A woman my age would have never put up with the nonsense she did.   The middle-aged woman is was too smart and knows better than to get involved with a seriously messed up, controlling guy.  The story plot line is so ridiculous and far-fetched at times I laughed out loud at the silliness.   I say how silly it was and yet I finished all three books in record time.

The book series is a good read for the middle-aged woman, especially if you are a mother.  By the time you are in your 40’s your life consists more of work, house cleaning, homework, home repairs than sexual adventures.  Fifty Shades of Grey reminds the middle-aged gal she is still a sexual being.  This is why I liked the books.

Reading the books reminded me of the young woman I was when my husband and I lived in London, years ago.  Instead of discovering the fabulous London sights, we were too busy discovering each other.  Long rainy days meant, long days alone with each other.  It was a wonderful.  It was just the two of us and we had all the time in the world.  The books helped me remember the passion I had and helped me reconnect.

So would I recommend the books?  The answer is yes.  For the middle-aged gal I would surely recommend it.  The book’s sexual parts are a bit graphic at times, but believe me they get your depleting hormones moving.  Really moving.

So I am thinking of writing to E.L. James and thanking her.  Thanking her for getting me back on track with my sexual thinking.   For helping me remember who I was and who I still can be.  I am also going to make a recommendation.  The next series should star someone my age, not a young girl.  Old gals need a little romancing too.

I may be middle-aged but things are far from over.  Thank goodness Fifty Shades of Grey helped me remember that.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

2 thoughts on “Mr. Grey and the Middle Aged Woman

  1. In my “as-yet-unpublished” novel, I have a lighthearted, but slightly steamy sex scene involving my 50 year old protagonist and her 40 year old lover. It was the most fun I had writing in all 300 pages!
    Hurray for middle-aged sex!

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