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Repeat -Photo Friday Childhood Memories


This year celebrates 30 years since I graduated high school.  My childhood girlfriend and I were scheduled to visit our childhood town and attend our high school reunion.  However, due to illness, we will not be going.

One of the things I loved most about my childhood was my wonderful friendships.  With little TV watching and no cell phones, my friends and I used to play for hours.  My friend and her family lived  next door.  I met her for the first time in second grade.  She was the oldest child in her family and I was one of the youngest.  We liked each other from the start.

During our junior year in high school, her family moved out-of-state.  During the same year, my family also moved.  Both of us did not graduate from our childhood town’s high school.  However, the high school has friends we grew up with and we both still feel connected to the people.

I have remained in contact with my girlfriend all the years since we both moved.  We planned to visit our two homes, former neighbors and see the local town.

Last year I paid my sister a visit.  She lives nearby my childhood neighborhood. Today I thought I would share photos from my Photo Friday from last year’s visit.  I am disappointed we are not going to the reunion.  My girlfriend and I  will just have to plan to go to the next one.

Photo Friday – Childhood Memories

On my recent visit to my hometown, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I  visited some of my favorite, childhood sites.

I grew up in a small town, considered a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.  Growing up we had one local grocery store, Ace Hardware and a few restaurants.  When ever we needed to get something it required a drive, a long one by my standards today.

I remember when a Kmart came to our little town.  Everyone was upset.  No one wanted such a huge store nearby.  I was thrilled.  Having Kmart nearby ment we were moving up in the world.  Sadly, the Kmart is no longer there.

Catholic Church

Subdivision sign

Most of my favorite places are still there:  Big Boy, Dairy Queen, Catholic Church and even the old drive-in sign.

Dairy Queen

Big Boy ResturantThe old drive-sign

My childhood home is still standing and needs a new roof.  I loved driving through my old neighborhood.  I brought along my family, telling stories as we drove by familiar homes and the local park I played at.  It was a wonderful day.

Childhood home

Neighborhood park

There is something magical about visiting the place you grew up.  So many happy memories come to mind.

To my dear friend of 40 years, thank you for the memories and the friendship.

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2 thoughts on “Repeat -Photo Friday Childhood Memories

  1. sweet post 🙂 made me nostalgic

  2. very cool seeing those wonderful places!!!

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