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Musical Differences


lionel richie - lionel richie

lionel richie

A conversation between a mother and a teenage son.

“Son, do why do we always have to listen to ‘head banging’ music in the car?  Why don’t we listen to one of my radio stations?” – Mom

“Mom, it’s not ‘head banging music’.  It is rock and roll.  Which is a lot better than Lionel Richie.” – Old Boy

“Hey, what’s wrong with Lionel Richie?  At least his music has a melody.  You can sing along.” – Mom

“Why would you want to sing along?  All of his tunes are about the same thing, love.  Jeez, you are not a kid anymore Mom.  Why do you listen to songs about finding love?” – Old Boy

“Because it reminds me of the life I had before kids.  The joy, happiness and tons of free time.  Besides who doesn’t like the song, Endless Love?  My love.  There’s only you in my life.  The only thing that’s right.” – Mom (singing)

“Mom, please don’t sing.  We can listen to your radio station, as long as you don’t sing.” – Old Boy


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Day Two: Busy (building a fort out of legos)

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

9 thoughts on “Musical Differences

  1. So great! My kids have always said: “If mom knows all the words to a song, you know it’s an ‘oldie’!” But, some of those oldies they really like: The O’Jays’ Back Stabbers, for instance! We all sing along when that comes on the radio!

  2. Way back when, my father bought an old car for my sister and I to drive. No radio. So when we rode together, we’d actually plan our musical “set” – the songs we’d sing during the trip. Hey, no commercials.

  3. My son told me that singing in the car keeps you more alert. He probably wouldn’t tolerate my singing, however.
    I love your conversations.

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