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The Freak


Well, I knew it would happen.  I knew when I wrote my blog about nursing my older child, someone would think I was a freak.  I was right.

What am I supposed to do with this information…hmm?  Pay no attention, right?  However, that is easier said than done.  Especially, when the people who think you are odd,  are your friends.

I wrote my nursing blog, to explain what kind of person would nurse an older child.  My nursing experience was a learning one.  I became less judgemental of other parenting styles and hoped my blog would do the same for others, about my parenting style.

I am a fairly normal parent.  If you saw me on the street, there would not be anything unusual or different about me.  And yet, now I feel a bit freakish, odd and definitely not of the mainstream.

Being completely non-judgemental is something everyone aspires to be.  However, very few of us are.  I hang with a pretty liberal crowd, who claim to be very accepting of all types of lifestyles.  Turns out, some of my crowd is accepting of many things, but not extended age nursing.

I am disappointed and yet, I do understand.  I am not trying to sound all-knowing, but I changed for the better because of my nursing experience.  Sometimes, it is only when you feel pain yourself, you realize what pain you may be causing.

So call me a freak, I can take it.

If being called a freak means I am able to make my own choices, for my own family…so be it.

The good news is, this freak will probably be more accepting of your family choices.


Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

12 thoughts on “The Freak

  1. Each of us has our unique path to walk. Acceptance and compassion are good things.

  2. I’m weird too then, Ro was just shy of two when we quit.

    We celebrate weird in our house. We try to consider it a compliment.

  3. Everyone needs to make their own parenting choices and it would be nice if we didn’t have to keep them secret for fear of being judged. I quit nursing by 8 months and hope nobody gives me the ol stinkeye for it!

  4. There’s so much in the media lately about “Mommy Wars”. Usually I’m up for a debate, because that’s how you learn what ways or thoughts might be best. But that’s provided you can maintain a level headed, adult conversation, weighing the points of alternative points of view without name calling and too much emotion.
    But the thought of someone arguing with me over how I raise my kids is too emotional. I can’t keep rational. The most important thing I’ll ever do, and I’m unable to be scientific and deliberate.
    So how can I judge anyone else??? If your kids are happy and healthy, good for you!

  5. “If being called a freak means I am able to make my own choices, for my own family…so be it.”
    Aren’t we all freaks, regardless of the topic? People should mind their own damn business…

  6. I nursed my oldest til he was over two, and my mother said I shouldn’t nurse because my breasts were too small. It’s supply and demand, no matter the size.
    When people think I’m quirky, I consider it a compliment.

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