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Five New Tips For Losing Weight


It has been five years since I gave birth to my little son.  I was forty-two when I gave birth.  Giving birth over forty, does strange things to your body.  It has taken a long time for me to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

I am still five or ten pounds heavier, but who cares.  I am back.  Today I thought I would share some tips for how I did it.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play a doctor on TV.  Check with your real doctor before trying any of my suggestions.  And folks, these are only suggestions.  It is your life.  Do what you want.

Before I start I will say, you know how to lose weight.  We all do.  We have all read everything there is about weight loss.  When I was younger, I had a freakishly great metabolism.  I could eat whatever I wanted and never gained weight.

Years ago I had a thyroid lobe removed and now have hypothyroidism. I am on meds, but my under active thyroid and birth after forty, make me like every one else who struggles with weight.

Here we go.

Five New Tips for Losing Weight

No sugar before 10 am.

I developed gestational diabetes during my third pregnancy.  The tip of ‘no sugar’ is based upon the dietary recommendations for diabetes.  A little sugar in your coffee is fine, but that is it.  No donuts, sweetened cereals, pumpkin pie, or M&M’s.  No sugary, carmel lattes either.

I know this sounds bad, but I did not say no sugar EVER.  If you are not eating breakfast, you must.  Pick a protein and carb for breakfast.  Most days for breakfast, I have cereal (unsweetened) with milk and fruit or two eggs and one slice toast or a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter.  By the way, fresh fruit is fine.

Only two crappy drinks a day.

Crappy drinks are things you know you should not be drinking, but you do it because they taste good and relieve stress.

Here is a list of crappy drinks.

Soda ( This includes diet soda.  Diet soda is full of crap)

Alcohol (even wine.  We wine drinkers like to this of wine as a health drink, but it’s not)

Smoothies/ Fruit juices ( Both are nutritious, but the truth is they usually have a lot of calories and sugar.)

Power drinks (This means sports drinks, red bull, Monster, etc.)

Sugary coffee drinks

I am sure you are saying, “What is left?”  First of all, you CAN have crappy drinks, but no more than two a day.  For example, Diet Coke in the morning and a beer at night.  Remember, you are trying to lose weight.  And by the way, the McDonald super large sodas are considered to be three crappy drinks.

Drink water, tea and milk all other times.  I know it sucks.

Wake up forty minutes earlier in the morning.

I heard that.  You are not going to do this tip, but you should.  Set your clock forty minutes earlier.  Do not bother going to bed earlier.  As a matter of fact, it is better if you don’t.  Getting up earlier will eventually, train you body to go to sleep earlier.

After a week of waking earlier, wake up and do something.  By something, I mean exercise.  You knew that was coming, right?

Once you are up early you can do a little exercise.  You know mornings are best, but you don’t like working out in the morning.  Do it anyway.

You can walk, put in an exercise tape or ride a stupid, stationary bike like me.   With forty minutes, you will have ten minutes to get dressed and thirty to get moving.  Shoot for five days a week to wake up early.  Reality is, you may only get up three days.  Three days is better than no days.

No carbs for lunch.

This is my most recent dietary change.  I love carbs.  I become very unhappy if I have to give them up for any length of time.  But this tip is not have carbs at lunch.  Instead, think of lunch as veggie time.  Have a nice salad with soup or grilled chicken/tofu with vegetables.

I know you love sandwiches, so do I.  But for now, focus on eating no carbs and as many veggies as possible at lunch.

Share your food.

My family and I have a regular burger place we eat out at.  I love hamburgers.  However, burgers have no place in the weight loss plan.  In order to enjoy the food, but not leave the restaurant damaged, my husband and I share.

We share a burger with fries.  The whole family shares an appetizer.  The rule is if someone wants a dessert or appetizer, they must share with some one else.  Sharing is a very good thing.  You eat the salty, greasy, sweet food you love, but not so much of it.

I am adding one more bonus tip, for losing weight.  It is more of a suggestion to get you motivated.

Wear power undergarments, everyday.

You know what ‘power’ garments are right?  No, this does not mean Spanx or body shapers.  It means you wear the underwear that makes you feel powerful.  They fit well, look great and make you stand taller.  Feeling more confident, is as simple as have a bra that fits and undies that feel firm.

Get rid of all the old, flimsy, worn out undergarments in your dresser.  Buy some new, power stuff if you need to.

There you go.  Five new things to try for weight loss and one bonus idea.

Good luck on with your weight loss plan.

One more thing to keep in mind… I like you no matter what weight you are.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

4 thoughts on “Five New Tips For Losing Weight

  1. I know I can do some of this. I can wear power undergarments.

  2. These are different ideas than I’ve ever read before. Great writing.

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