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Ten Things I am Not Going to do…Ever


The older I get, the more I realize there are certain things I have no desire for.  People try to convince me, but I am getting stubborn in my older age.  If I do not want to do it, I won’t.

Ten things I am not going to do, ever.  (So don’t bother asking)

1.  Eat cauliflower. 

I hate cauliflower.  It smells funny.  It looks funny.  It tastes terrible.  There are plenty of other vegetables for me to eat.  I am not eating it, period.

2.  Go scuba diving. 

This is something people always try to convince me to do.  I know underwater world is an amazing place, but it would not be if I died.  I do not like breathing through a tube, trapped underwater.  It would kill me to even try.

3.  Travel to space.

I do not like outer space.  It freaks me out.  When they start taking requests for people to travel to space, my husband will be first in line.  I will be at home,  feet comfortably resting on the couch.  A big no to space travel.

4.  Wear a tube top.

I have never worn a tube top.  Given my age and shape of my breasts, I cannot think of reason to put one on.  Straps are a girl’s best friend…and so is a little underwire to lift my ‘girls’ up higher.

5.  Sleep in a tent.

Okay, this might happen someday, but not if I can help it.  I cannot think of anything worse than sleeping in a tent.  The family pressures me all the time, so far I have resisted.

6.  Run a marathon.

I suppose this is something everyone should have on their bucket list, but running a marathon will never be on mine.  I run, but training for a big, long, painful race…no.  Am I missing out?  No, I am not.

7.  Be the mother of girls.

When I was pregnant with my surprise, third baby years ago I was hopeful. Five years have passed and I am a still mother of three boys.  I am not having anymore children, so daughter for me.  No more kids, folks.  I mean it.  I will have to wait for girls, when the grandkids arrive.

8.  Go to a Military Air Show.

Years ago, I used to work at a Naval Air Station.  As an employee of the Navy, I was required to work at the annual air show.  It was hot, loud and horrible.  My husband takes the boys to the air show every year, without me.  Not going back, ever.

9.  Sing in a band.

I would love to sing in a band, but no one else would.  I do not sing well.  I do not hear well.  If I sing badly, I will not be able to hear myself.  Bad combination all around.

10.  Move into another house that needs a lot of home repairs.

This why I created my list.  My husband and I have worked on our new home non-stop for four months.  We have a ton of stuff we still need to do.  Remodeling a home is brutal.  If I move again ( a big IF) it will be to a new retirement community.  I will gladly pay whoever, to do all the home repair stuff.

This is my list.  Do not try to change my mind about any of these things.  They will not happen…ever.

Although…if someone is willing to have a bad singer in their band, I might reconsider.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

12 thoughts on “Ten Things I am Not Going to do…Ever

  1. Love it although I feel a weird challenge to sneak cauliflower in a dish for you during a tent camping trip. In absence of that, you are always welcome to sing in my pseudo in-house band. No judgement!

  2. But roasted cauli with garlic is so good! Also Aloo Gobi and Cauliflower cheese (and too be fair, with cauliflower cheese pretty much all it tastes of is cheese if you make it right). Scuba, I have said I would do it in a pool or in shallow water where I could dump the equipment and just swim up but otherwise I’m right with you. The house thing I have said, but its a bit like giving birth, you remember it is painful but over time it fades and starts seeming like a good idea again.

  3. Hear, hear on number 4. I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. Your list made me smile. And it made me think of that old saying, “Never say never.” 🙂

  5. I always sleep with a knife under my pillow when we go camping. My fear is that there’s a demented camper out in the wild who takes perverse delight in capsizing tents in the middle of the night. When the demented camper strikes, I’ll have my knife to cut a hole in the canvas so I can get out before full-blown hysteria kicks in.
    The demented camper is another reason why you must firmly resolve never to sleep in a tent.

    • I do not like sleeping on the ground, that is why I dislike sleeping in tents. Thanks to you, I am now afraid of the demented camper. My family will not be happy you shared your fear with me. 😉

  6. I don’t like cauliflower either, but I agree with Scarlet. Roasted cauliflower is out of this world! I won’t eat cauliflower any way but roasted. It one of the best roasted veggies out there.

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