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Freak Out


A few days ago, I took the Little Guy with me to Party City.  We needed to pick up his costume for Halloween.  He wanted Spider Man, but apparently so did everyone else.  Spider man costumes were sold out.

After a mini-tantrum we were able to find another costume choice, Ironman.  The costume comes with a full-body suit and a face mask.  When we picked up the costume from the counter, I noticed there wasn’t a mask in the bag. I asked the clerk where the mask was.  He told me I needed to pay for the costume and then return to the back of the store to pick up the mask.

I am sure Party City has a very good reason for this ridiculous policy, but nothing makes sense when you have a young child in a packed store.  After I paid for the costume, I started back toward the costume pick up area.  My little son stopped moving.  He looked up at a very, big, scary zombie display.  He started to panic and cry, “No Momma.  I don’t want to go back there.  You go get the mask.  I will stay here.”

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

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My little son freaked out in Party City.  I tried to reassure him, but nothing worked.  Finally, I asked a clerk to get the mask for us.

Seeing my son ‘freak out’ at the zombie dude made me wonder, ‘What make me freak out?”

I love movies.  In general, I enjoy dramas and comedies.  Once in a while I like an action flick, but rarely do I watch scary or horror films.  I guess you could say, scary movies freak me out.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ‘freak out’ films.  These are not ordinary scary films, but ones left a huge impression.

Rat Boy

I came across this film in a video store, living in London, England.  The cover of the video was very disturbing.  It shows a young, rat-faced boy.  The movie is about an out of work window dresser who finds a half-human, half-rat boy in the sewers.  The female window dresser decides it would be a good idea, to turn the rat-boy into a celebrity.  The face of the rat-boy is very life-like.  A big plus to the make-up crew on this film. Rats freak me out.  This explains why the film did too.

Bad Ronald

Bad Ronald

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This is a made-for-TV movie that came out in the 70’s.  The film is about a geeky, shy, teenage boy (Ronald) who accidentally kills another teen who bullies him.  He buries the body and confesses the crime to him mom.  Ronald’s mom decides not to go to the police, but instead hides Ronald in a spare room in their house.  The plan works until Ronald’s mother dies unexpectedly.  The house is sold with creepy Ronald living in the hidden room.  Ahhhh!  This film has stayed with me for years.  There is an especially freaky scene where Ronald is discovered peeping at the girl, living in the home.  I have had a fear of peep holes ever since.


I do not like horror films.  I do like to be thrilled, but I have no interest in the blood and gore that goes with horror movies.  A few years ago, the film Decent came out. It had good reviews for a horror film.  I decided to be brave and see what the film was about.  Big mistake.  This film is about 6 women who go on a cave expedition, deep below the surface of the earth.  During the trip the women become trapped and soon find they are surrounded by a rare race of humanoid creatures.  The creatures are highly adapted to the darkness.  The are small agile and by far the scariest creatures I have ever seen in a film.  This film was haunting.  I have claustrophobia, so the under the ground cave thing was bad enough.  But add small, slimy, human-eating creatures to the mix…well, I was a goner.


Mel Gibson's mugshot from his 28 July 2006 arr...

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This film stars Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, two actors who themselves have turned very creepy.  In this film, both actors are brothers living on a farm.  Mel’s character is a former preacher, who is raising two children.  He discovers crop circles on his cornfield and sees it as a sign aliens have arrived.  I do not like aliens.  This film freaked me out because when they show the aliens, they looked exactly as a feared they would.  The scariest part to this film is when children are at birthday party, in Mexico.  The film shows the children looking out a window at something passing by.  It was an ALIEN!   I am frightened still today.

So there you go.  A short list of films that have made me freak out over the years.  I am sure you have a list yourself.  The little guy would not head out to Party City with dad and big brothers last night.  Guess he is still a bit freaked out by zombie dude.  I completely understand.  Sometimes things are just scary, even for the big people.

Happy Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Freak Out

  1. Years ago, an old boyfriend took me to see the original “The Omen” – I forgave him, eventually.

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