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Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Library Lion


Cover of "Library Lion"

Cover of Library Lion

Today’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom choice is a children’s book.  A wonderful children’s book about the public library.  It seemed a perfect choice to celebrate my new writing office, in the library.

As a child, I was not a big fan of the library.  I was not much of a reader then.   Now, I am a big reader and so are my children.  We travel to the public library every two weeks to pick up new books.  I have done this since with my oldest son was an infant.

My husband and I have read hundreds of children’s books to our kids.  I think it may be more in the thousands.  Reading to the boys is something we both enjoy doing.  Today’s book choice, Library Lion by Michele Knudsen, was found by my husband.

A while ago my husband and little son found the book at the bookstore.  They both came home from the store telling me, “You are going to love this book.”  They were right.  I do love it.  And it turns out a lot of people do.  My good friend, who is a librarian, told me she has read Library Lion at her library for years.

The story is about…you guessed it…a lion in the library.  Miss Merriweather is the librarian.  She is a very rule oriented person.  In her library rules must be followed, so everyone can enjoy themselves.  When the lion shows up unexpectedly, Miss Merriweather and the other patrons are confused about how to handle it.

Miss Merriweather explains to the lion, he can stay the library, if he can follow the rules.  It turns out the lion is good at following rules and is helpful in the library.  The story continues with the lion breaking a rule, but in an emergency.  The lion is told to leave.

This book is a delight to read aloud.  Each of the characters are well-developed and interesting.  The illustrations by Kevin Hawkes, are beautiful.  The lion is adorable as we see him helping children with books, dusting with his tail and sleeping with the children during story time.

The story explains how rules are ment to be followed, but in an emergency it is okay to go against them.  Library Lion a wonderful tale of friendship and overcoming a misunderstanding.  Very young children, as well as school age kids will enjoy this book.  And so will anyone who loves the library or lions.

I hope this fabulous book will find its place somewhere in your home library.

Happy reading.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Library Lion

  1. Nate, your article made my phone bloop as I am sitting at the Coronado Library (for the first time) with Little as he works on some math! We love going to libraries, some of our favourites are Mission Valley (architecture is so fab, meatballs next door for lunch and the stream and the tucked away children’s reading room; Serra Mesa with its mission styling and the Nautical Point Loma with the amazing compass inlay in the floor in the entrance and the boat and marine theme in the children’s room — the periscope downstairs was a particular draw when my kids were young. I think we might add this one to our repetoire, it is so beautiful and so much to explore and has multiple options for picnics nearby.

    • I am glad to know other families love the library, as much as mine does. You and I are both fortunate, to have such a wide and wonderful selection of libraries in our area. My kids still like our little, un-fancy, local library best. So do I.

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