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Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Barron’s Painless Grammar

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Words of wisdom do not always have to be deep and meaningful.  Sometimes, they can be practical.  That is why I have chosen, Barron’s Painless Grammar,  for today’s Words of Wisdom.

Barron’s Painless Grammar,  is written by author Rebecca Elliott.  It was given to me as  a  gift.  Knowing I am in need of grammar review, the book was a great choice.

This book is different from other grammar books I have read.  First of all, it is geared toward junior high and high school students.  That explains why it an easy and enjoyable read.  The author uses humor and keeps the interest high.

When I first starting reading this I thought, “Why did I forget all the rules of grammar?”  I think it is because when I was in junior high, I was too busy thinking about boys.  This small book puts the forgotten information in one place.

The book, Barron’s Painless Grammar, is divided into chapters that help define what grammar is and how to use it properly.

Parts of Speech

Building and Punctuating Sentences


Words, Words, Words

Cleaning Up Messy Writing

Writing a Good E-mail

Getting it All Together:  Editing a Paper

What makes this books work, is the format of the information.  For example, the author writes an incorrect sentence and labels it as wrong.  Then right below, she provides the correct information.  Sometimes several examples of improvements are provided.

At the end of each chapter, is a section called, Brain Ticklers.  Brain Ticklers are mini-review tests.  The correct answers for all the chapters are provided in the back of the book.  It is a great way to check if the material was understood.

I recommend this book for everyone who needs a review of  grammar.  It is a perfect handbook for an elementary, junior or high school student.  The clean writing makes it very user-friendly.

As for me, if you see an improvement in my grammar, you will have this little book to thank.

Thanks for being with me today.  Talk to you soon friends.


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