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Dear Facebook


Dear Facebook,

It has been two years since we met and I thought it was time to talk.

I became friends with you a couple of years ago, because of my sisters.  They both were your friend and thought you and I would get along.  It was an innocent introduction.  I had no idea what to expect.

At first, I was confused.  I did not know how you and  I were supposed to relate to each other.   I told you all my personal information and started to tell people about you.  It seemed everyone already knew you.  I was surprised how popular you were.

When we first met, you did all the talking.  I would simply login and read all the conversations you were having with people.  I was amazed how everyone would share such personal things with you: thoughts, photos, ideas, even prayers.  I wondered if you and I could ever have that kind of relationship.

After a while, I began to realize how hip you were.  Friends from all over the world started to be in contact with me, through you.  I started to hear from old college buddies, former bosses, distant relatives, roommates, and work friends.  The list of people you knew was endless.  I was so impressed.

I cannot tell you the glee I felt in our early relationship days.  Everyday for months I was in touch with someone who had been gone from my life.  It was like Christmas.  New surprises and rekindled friendships.  It was pure bliss.

As my list of Facebook friends grew, so did my confidence is talking to you.  Soon I was posting my happenings, photos and ideas.  I started to ‘like’ things you recommended for me.  I became involved in other people’s lives, by reading what they had to say.

After a while, I began to realize I was becoming addicted to you.  Daily visits to chat with you, became hourly.  I looked for approval by searching for the little red light at the top of the screen.  I started searching for more people to become friends with.  Some people I hardly knew.

I started to feel smug and began posting my opinions about life.  Soon my postings became rants, telling people how I thought things should be.  There were words, harsh words and some down times.   My ego got the best of me.

But then I wised up and realized you were meant for fun.  Being friends with you could bring real joy to my life.  I began to listen to what my friends were posting.  I gave positive feedback, added humor and became involved.  The more I commented on other people’s lives, the more they commented on mine.

It felt good.  I was lonely sometimes, home alone with the kids.  Because of you I became part of other people’s lives.  Even the ones who were very far away.  It made me happy.

My writing skills began to improve and my inner goofiness was released.  Because of you, I gained confidence.  I gained so much confidence that I signed up for school and started a blog.  Your friends told me I could do it and they were right.

I just wanted to say thank you, Facebook.  I know a lot of people do not like you.  But many of us do.  You have given me a voice in the world.  But most of all, you have made me realize what life is really about…connections, family and friendships.

So that is all I wanted to say.  I don’t know if you and I will always be as close, as we are today.  Things could change and I may be too busy in the future to say hello.    Daily chats may not be possible.  But no matter what I want to know, I am glad we met.  And I will always ‘like’ you.

Author: insanityofmotherhood

Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

2 thoughts on “Dear Facebook

  1. I love this! Well said 🙂 Great to see you today btw- even though it was across the parking lot!

  2. Thank you Becky. Great to see you always!

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