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Dull and Boring

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“Basically my life is so boring it’s embarrassing” – Hugh Grant

I love the quote above from Hugh Grant.  Please.  He cannot be serious about having a dull life.  He is a movie star for goodness sake.  I, on the other hand, could teach him all he needs to know about being boring.  I think he is used to a lot of excitement and in the down times it may feel a bit dull.   I think I will give him a call to invite him over to my house.  A few days with me and the family and he will snap right out of his boredom.

Last night, I told my husband things are getting dull and boring in our lives.

“Dull and boring?  What are you talking about?  I am so busy, I hardly have time to read a magazine.” – Husband

“Being busy is not the same as having an exciting life.  We are in a rut.  A big one.  It is the same thing day, after day, after day.  Don’t you ever get tired of it?”- Me

“Sure I get tired of it, but we have three kids, house, work and we have to keep everything running.  We do the same thing all the time, because the same things need to be done.”- Husband

My husband is a creature of habit.  He likes things to be predictable and orderly.  I, on the other hand, love change.  I like when something unexpected happens and my life is shaken up a bit.  I like when fun, interesting things happen, not things that lead to more work and responsibilities.  We have been doing the same thing for a while.  Something got to give.

We are planning a trip to visit my sister in about a month.  That will be good.  I have not been back to the Midwest for years and seeing family and old friends will be great.  But in the meantime I must somehow gather up some energy to keep the daily grind going.  As a parent,who stays home, the work I do is full of repetitions.  Over and over the same work.  Even the weekends are the same…cook, clean , run errands, cook, pick up, shop and sleep.  Oh, I forgot I also eat.

Is this all there is? These days most people are so busy, they don’t have time to eat, let alone be bored.  I am busy too, but what I am talking about is being busy and yet feeling your life is…dull.  How did this happen?  Am I expecting too much?  My obsession with Facebook does not help my situation.

“You know Honey, people are doing amazing things in the world.” – Me

“Really, what kind of things?” – Husband

“Well, people are traveling, doing amazing charity work and going to big fancy parties.”- Me

“People?  Do you mean Facebook people?” – Husband

“Yes.” – Me

“Oh, come on.  You know things always seem better on Facebook then in real life.  Everyone brags.” – Husband

“Not everyone is bragging.  Some of it is really true.  And people are leading exciting lives.” – Me

“I am sorry you married a dull husband and your life is not exciting.” – Husband.

“You are not dull.  Our life is getting dull and we have to put a stop to it!” – Me

My husband seems to be missing the point.  We can lead a more exciting life.  It can’t be too hard right?  I mean, maybe I need to come up with a plan.  I think the plan should include a way to make a lot more money.  Money always leads to more excitement and fun.   I wasn’t planning to head back to work yet, but that is a way to make more money.

But if I am working, I will have less time to do things to make my life exciting.  Could my husband be right?  Are people bragging about their exciting lives because they are as bored as I am?  Is it possible that most people do the same thing, day after day, just like me?   I don’t know.  I only know I cannot spend another day doing laundry, cooking dinner, eating leftovers and playing legos.  I need a change…an exciting change.

But what?  Mmm…

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