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Lazy Cook

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 After two weeks of doing the blog, I have come to the conclusion, I do not have a fabulous talent to share with all of you.  If you recall, I mentioned in order for a blog to be successful, the writer must offer the reader some kind of interesting talent (knitting, crafts, cooking) or area of expertise about something the reader may enjoy.  I have searched high and low, but I realize I am a ‘jack of all trades’ person.  Which means I can do many things, but am not an expert at anything.  Sadly, I mentioned this to my Husband, he said the same thing could be said about him.  We are very nice people though.  Being nice is good.  However, while I discover a  talent to offer you I have an idea. 

I do not like to cook.  It is my least favorite thing to do as a Mom, other than nag and discipline.  So to celebrate other non-cooking people, I am going to do a weekly blog titled:  The Lazy Cook.  It will focus on easy, lazy recipes that will help anyone who, like me, does not like to cook.  Most of the recipes will be focusing on dinner (the worst) and I will try out the recipe and give you a first hand response my family.  Here we go…

This first recipe is a dessert.  It comes from my mother-in-law.  My boys loved them.

Oreo truffles

Oreo Truffles

Makes: 50 truffles

Prep: 30 min

Chill: 1hr.


1   18-oz. pkg. chocolate sandwich cookies with white filling, finely crushed

1  8-oz, pkg. cream cheese softened

1  lb. white baking chocolate, melted


In a large bowl combine crushed cookies and cream cheese.  Beat with mixer on low-speed until well blended.  Form 1-inch balls by hand.  Dip balls in white chocolate; place on baking sheet covered with waxed paper.  refrigerate 1 hour or until firm.  To store, cover and refrigerate. 

Well there you go!  My first Lazy Cook recipe.  By the way, I have to confess.  Another reason I am doing the Lazy Cook blog is because I am feeling lazy.  Writing a blog everyday takes work.  The Lazy Cook will give me one day of rest.   By the way, I did not make the truffles in the photo.  My boys did!

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Mom of three boys, wife, educator, and all around nice gal in the middle of a midlife something. It's not a crisis, but it's something…

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