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A while ago, I received a compliment about my blog.  It was from fellow blogger Melissa, from her blog The Mostyn-Thomas Journal.  She nominated me for the Reader Appreciation award.  I am not bringing this nomination up to brag, but explain something about myself.

I was very happy to have been nominated for the award, but when I  read my compliment there was a problem.  Here is what Melissa had to say.

Insanity of Motherhood – a succinct and wickedly funny blog that casts a look at life’s little irks through the eyes of a 40-something mother barely keeping her composure throughout.

Nice huh?  You say that because you know what the word succinct means right?  Well, I did not know when it meant when I  first read the statement.  I had to look up the word, succinct.  For those who do not know what succinct means, here is the definition.

Succinct –  Briefly and clearly expressed

This has happened to me before.  It happens to me all the time.  Someone says a word and I do not know the meaning.

Melissa accurately defined my blog by saying it was succinct.  I do keep things concise and to the point.  The reason I do that is because I am a woman of few written words.  My writing vocabulary is limited.  My fear of misusing more complex words and misspelling, leads me to use a simple fifth grade vocabulary when writing.   That and when I read my first blogging book it recommended the less words the better.

As a child, I was never the kid who sat for hours at a time reading books during the summer.  I was always out busy doing things.  The same is true for me now.  I read a bit more than I used to, but I suspect I have ADD and sitting for long periods of time is hard for me.  The more you read, the greater your vocabulary becomes.  Especially, your writing vocabulary.

My fellow bloggers are published authors, poets and accomplished professional writers.  Often, they write words I do not know.  When I read their postings, I feel insecure about the fact my blog is so simple.  I am often stunned when I find out someone with amazing writing abilities is reading my blog.  I am glad Melissa thinks I write succinct because I am trying to limit words, instead of the truth.  The truth is I do not know very many words.

It is a great mystery how a simple girl like me is writing a blog and people are reading.  I come from a family of great intellects, ferocious readers and amazing writers.  However, I am the one who has a blog.  Who would have thought?

Maybe when the boys are back to school this fall, I will make a point of increasing my vocabulary.  I will kick in my library card and read all day.

If I read all day, I guess that means I would have to sit down right?

Okay, maybe I better just stick to what I know.  Not everyone can be the great intellect.  Someone has to be the simple gal everyone can relate to.