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Procrastination is a habit.  People aren’t born procrastinators or hard workers, it’s something your learn, like biting your fingernails.  Luckily, it can be unlearned as well. ” – Mark T. Wieczork

Yesterday, I planned to write a blog.  It had been a few days since my last post.  I felt it was time to write something.

Instead of writing I decided to surf the internet.  My little son was  independent yesterday.  As a matter of fact, he played by himself or with the dog for hours.  It would have been the perfect time to write a blog or two.  However, I didn’t.  I put it off, until finally it was too late to start a blog.  I procrastinated.

What did I do with my time yesterday?  I searched for a job.  I read an article about hiring a career coach.  Which lead me to another article about getting a job over the age of 50.  Finally, I read a blog  about getting back to work.  The entire morning was spent reading articles.  However, just last week I had told myself I would stop looking for a job and have things stay as they are.

What a huge waste.  The thing is, if I was not going to write a blog, I had a ton of other things I should have done.  The laundry basket was overflowing, I had bills to pay, paperwork to complete, groceries to buy and people to call.  Did I do any of those things? No.  I sat in front of the computer.

I have not always been a procrastinator.  When I worked outside the home, I was very productive.  I had far less time, but was able to do more.  Being home is very distracting, especially if your co-worker is a small child.  Putting things off is easy.  I always tell myself, I can do it tomorrow.  There is no motivation for me to complete things ahead of time.  If I do, what would be the reward?

I have become a professional procrastinator.  This is not a career to put on a résumé, so I better quit…now.

How do I stop putting off things, I know I should get done?  Maybe I should look for the answer on the internet.

Not today, maybe tomorrow.  I will have a lot more time then.