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When it comes to having kids, there is a lot people do not tell you.  Maybe because if they did, you might not have children.

Take for instance a situation my husband and I are dealing with.  Things getting broken.  Not just one or two things, but tons of things.  Special expensive things.  None of the baby books bothered to tell us, we would never be able to have anything of real value, after the kids arrived.

Last Sunday I worked on my Lazy Cook blog.  In order to do the blog, I take photos of each recipe step.  I add photos to make the blog more interesting.  But there was a problem.

“Honey, your camera is not working.  I am doing the cooking blog.  Would you please help me?”  – Me

“Well, let me have a look.  Hmm…it is not allowing a flash.  Oh boy. I think it must have broken when the Little Guy dropped it on the floor.” – Husband

“What?  Dropped it on the floor?  Your expensive camera?  That’s terrible. What am I going to use for my photos?” – Me

“We have the smaller camera, I loaned Tall Boy.  I will go get it.” – Husband.

“Well, this one is broken too.  Apparently Tall Boy couldn’t get it to work.  It was working before I gave it to him.  But I found these two cameras.  They are the ones we gave the boys for Christmas last year.” – Husband

“Honey, I need to cook the fish.  Please hurry.” – Me

“Darn it.  These are broken too.  Why are all the cameras broken?  Those irresponsible boys.  Why didn’t they bother to tell me they were broken?  Guess that’s why Tall Boy wanted to borrow my camera.” – Husband.

“Oh no.  What are we going to do now?” – Me (panicking)

“Okay.  We have one last choice the video camera. I know it’s working. I’ll go find it.  Here it is. ” – Husband

“What?!  The video camera is broken too.  This is ridiculous!  How can all the cameras in our home be broken?” – Husband

“I think Old Boy used the video camera to make a movie with friends.” – Me

So there you go.  Five expensive pieces of equipment broken by our children.  As you can imagine, my husband and I were furious.

This is not the first time nice things have been damaged by our reckless kids.  When Tall Boy was young he used to love to put coins in the VCR player.  We replaced two of them.  My Little Guy thought my car CD player was a good place to put his gum ‘to rest’.

But the worst of all was when Old Boy ran into me as I was carrying my Bride and Groom champagne glasses.  The Irish crystal glasses, given as a wedding gift, to be used for the next fifty years celebrating our marriage, flew out of my hands and smashed on the ground.  My heart still hurts.

Having children is not easy.  I knew it would be tough, but come on.   It isn’t fair if you ask me.  My husband and I darn good parents.  We don’t deserve having our stuff get broken.

How did we solve the cooking blog photo problem?  We used my darn Droid smart phone.  The one I told you I did not want or like.  Turns out scary, robot girl (smart phone’s name) saved my blog.  Sweet thing.

As for the boys, they are on ‘expensive stuff restriction’.  No more borrowing Mom and Dad’s things EVER.

Especially not my sweet, lifesaving, beautiful, and smarty pants phone.