Wednesday Words of Wisdom – The Beauty of Different

Sometimes books call to you.  I mean it.  It happened to me just the other day.  While shopping at Barnes and Nobel, I heard a book calling my name.  I bought it.  The book was, The Beauty of Different, by Karen Walrond.

I love this book.  It is one of those books that makes you smile when you talk about it.  The message of the book is powerful.  Beauty is in being different.

It is a wonderful book about accepting what is.  The book uses essays, observations and stunning photographs to convey of the beauty of being unique. The author takes the reader on a journey by interviewing several people, who share what makes them different.

It is hard to say what I enjoyed more the photographs or the written essays.  Both are excellent.  But what makes the book unique is the photographs.  The author is a fantastic photograher.  Her photographic images are compelling.  As you read  an interview about a person,  you see visually what they look like.  It helps develop a better connection to the story or message the person is sharing.

Beauty of Being Different is a coffee table book.  It is something to put where it can be glanced at often.  I think it also is a book of inspiration.  Reading the stories of real situations and people is hopeful.  Each person who is interviewed has something unique about them.  The book helps to show the beauty of each person, internally not just physically.

This is an excellent book for teenagers.  Teens and young adults spend much of their energy wanting to be like everyone else.  Beauty of Different embraces what sets them apart from others.  It celebrates what makes them unique.

Hope this is something you will enjoy.  Talk with you soon friends.

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